This service is suitable for you who like to take photo. Upload your images to Instagram, tag the event hashtag and get the instant print for seconds later Automatically. Customized photo frame with your event name, company name, logo, or other graphics, a unique hashtag of your event let everybody know your event on the internet, when your guests taking the photo and you benefit from a massive amount of social media exposure for your event. What better way to ensure they get great content that they feel compelled to share than a photo booth.


Our professional photographers will leave you the warmest and memorable moments, then you can get your photo from the photo corner shortly. You can also scan the QRcode to download the photo and share your happy moment.


We offer customized photo frame with your event name, company name, logo, or other graphics and prepare cute props for you. You just need to show your creativity and pose in different poses, and take two or more photos, turns them into animated Gifs immediately to push the joyful atmosphere to the highest and share it to increase brand exposure.


Boomerang is the most popular photo shooting mode on Instagram, and a new concept in social event photography. Just shake or interact with friends and takes a burst of photos, our booth will automatically to turns that into a looping video. The charming moments will be captured instantly and the most memorable moments will be presented in front of you.


Green screen provide a branded background for your event without spend more money, the time and effort of printing and shipping. We can design a creative background for your event. Why not visit the wonderful world or back to ancient or future with your friends? Everything is possible with our amazing Green screen background.


We provide you with a variety of standard AR stickers or customizable a series of unique AR stickers for your event. Guests can select their favorite AR stickers when they use. To be a cute animal or take photos with the favorite characters, which is a shooting service that adults and children also love.