The special feature of IPad Photobooth is that the model is small but has many functions. It doesn't occupy any space but looks nice! It’s allow to take still photos, GIF animations and Boomerang videos. Guests can choose their favorite mode according to their preferences, and use our AR filter to make it funny. In addition to printing photos, you can get the digital file and share them on social media to let everybody know your company.


IPad Photobooth can take Standard Photo, Animated GIF Photo and Boomerang Video with AR stickers, Besides the standard AR stickers, We also offer customizable AR stickers for your event if you want and also use our photo filters to make photos more stylish! Your guests can take unlimited photos and get the print out shortly. You can also choose the green screen background to make your guest have a more interesting experience.

Still Photo

Allow your guests to take a standard still photo with an overlay border of your choosing.


GIF takes a series of photos and compiles them into a single stop animation.


Burst takes a series of photos rapidly and then reverses the animation.

Green Screen

Our green screen feature provides a live preview of your guests super-imposed on a background of your choosing.

AR Props

With our advanced live face-tracking software, you are able to see your chosen digital props placed in real time.

Photo Filters

Allow guests to choose filters to apply to their photos or automatically apply a filter/layer filters to create a unique look.


Allow guests to choose different frames layout before they take photo.

Photo Printing

iPad Photobooth can wired printng the photos with different photo size.


Ipad Photobooth package include unlimited photos print, Animated GIF and Boomerang video with standard AR stickers. We also offer beautiful, customized photo frame with your event name, company name, logo, or other graphics; funny props and background; QRcode for you to download the photo and share your happy moment; and a super friendly assistant at your event to make sure things run smoothly. After the event, you'll receive digital access to all of your photos to memory your warmest moment.

Still Photo



Unlimited high quality Photo print

Custom Frame Design

Funny Props

Email Sharing

Photo Background

AR Props

Photo Filters

Delivery, Setup and removal

on-site- attendant

All Photos Download